Terms and conditions of skirental

Carlo's Rental offers a top price-performance ratio, take a look at the attractive rates for the rental and for the preparation of ski and snowboard equipment

  1. For the rental contract, the customer must show a valid document.
  2. The client is fully responsible for the rented equipement. Is not allowed to sublease or loan to a third party.
  3. The rented equipement is not insured for lost or theft. In case of damage with an appropriate use, the client is free of charge for reparation costs.
  4. In case of lost or theft, the equipement in question, will be charged to the renter, to 50% of the value. Also, the renter must immediately report the lost or theft to the local police authority.
  5. The renter is fully responsible for the rented equipement, manumission or damage for an inappropriate handling of the stuff, will be charged with the current repair costs.
  6. The rented equipement must be returned the last day before 19,00 at the shop. This is not valid for the client with our IN HOUSE SKISERVICE (Delivery&Pick up) Service
  7. After 2 days of not returned, the lessor will report theft to the local police authority with the personal data of the contract.
    The same applies in case of not found equipement by IN HOUSE SKISERVICE (Delivery&Pick up) Service.
  8. No cash back for anticipated return, except injury or disease, confirmed by a local Doctor.
  9. The lessor deny responsibillity for accidents.
  10. For a proper ISO norm bindingregulation, and correct funcionality, of rented equipement the customer confirm the correct data information.
  11. With the signature, or agreement (by online booking) the client confirms to have read and understood the rental terms and conditions.


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